• Asset Management

    We manage the assets of our shareholders and business partners – be it at business, project or portfolio level. Our activity includes performance monitoring and the development of entry/exit strategies.

  • Merger & Acquisition support

    When acquiring or disposing of assets, our structured step process spans from due diligence through completion – all in a discrete fashion based on clear thresholds and progress monitoring.

  • Finance Structuring

    Whether leveraging, gearing, JV definition or sourcing equity – we determine the most suitable financial structure for an undertaking – including phasing.

  • Business Planning and Implementation

    Whether a new business, a business to be repositioned or to be rejuvenated, we develop corporate strategy options, identify clear action plans and identify the best way forward.

  • Interim Management

    With a strategy, business plan, finance and the way forward on place, the missing component is often the right management – we cover until the most suitable candidates are found.

Welcome to the online home of Vamm Holdings Ltd.

VHL is primarily a holding company looking after the assets of it’s shareholders and business partners. Thus, the company’s core areas of business are business asset management, acquisition and disposition of shares in other businesses and real estate holdings and management.

Over and above, the company makes use of the extensive experience of its shareholders, business partners and team by providing business advisory to companies it has an interest in, both on a chargeable or non-chargeable basis. The business partners have decades of experience in real estate, hospitality and tourism advisory, development and transaction involvement throughout the world which provides a very deep knowledge base to draw from.

The primary regions of operations are MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Europe and North American (USA and Canada). Further countries may be added in future when suitable investments are identified. We also have extensive experience on the Seychelles, hence our choice of location.

Our Philosophy

VHL does not market itself per se as it simply looks after and represents assets and shares in other entities based on direct investment. It receives dividends from those shares and may also invest funds from operations into those companies. Privacy is our forte.